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Homeadvisor™ Leather Carer

Homeadvisor™ Leather Carer

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🛋️ Furniture Care Solutions
Generallye-Leather & Furniture Repair Salve + Applicator Brush: Furniture care solutions are paired with high-quality brushes to provide a comprehensive approach to furniture care, leaving your furniture fresh and easily protected.

🛡️ Leather Protection
Ventrio Leather Repair Cream: In addition to restoring and conditioning leather, this furniture salve also provides a protective barrier against future damage. By creating a shield against spills, stains, and other environmental factors, this leather salve helps prolong the life of your furniture and maintain its beauty for years to come.

💪 Enhanced Protection
Enhanced Protection: With the included furniture salve brush, applying our leather salve is effortless, evenly coating every surface to offer a protective shield against harsh conditions. It's the ideal solution for maintaining the luster and durability of your leather pieces.

📚 Easy to Use
Easy To Use: Ventrio Leather Repair Cream, apply with the palm brush and let the salve work its magic, then wipe off the excess with a lint-free cloth and tackle more stubborn issues with ultra-fine steel wool to give your leather furniture a new look.

🚗 Widely Applicable
Widely Applicable: Our furniture salve for leather is not limited to just furniture. This ointment and brush set is specially formulated to rejuvenate leather, penetrating deeply to ensure your sofas, car seats, and accessories are restored to their original shine and softness for a longer life.

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